A lawyer’s role (what it should be)

Lawyers far too often lose sight of what their practice is intended to be. Justice Frankfurter once described what a lawyer’s role should be and what that requires. It is a fair characterization of the lawyer’s responsibility in our society that he stands ‘as a shield,’ to quote Devlin, J., in defense of right and to ward off wrong.… Read More

Super lawyer fails epically

So, you’re a member of a very large law firm in New York. You humbly note on your firm profile that you have been named “one of the ‘500 Leading Litigators in America,’ one of the ‘500 Leading Plaintiffs’ Lawyers,’ and one of the ‘100 Lawyers You Need to Know in Securities Litigation,’ and … repeatedly named a Super Lawyer by Super Lawyers magazine, in 2007, 2008 and 2009.” Very humble.… Read More

Mass incarceration, inevitable bias, and supreme court staying executions, oh my!

In 1970, 200,000 people were incarcerated in the United States.  That represented .09% of the US population. In 2011, 2,300,000 people are incarcerated in the US.  That represents .73% of the US population. Since 1970, the incarcerated population has grown 11.5 times (1150%) and the per capita incarceration rate has grown 818%.… Read More