The Ghost of Elkins

In Elkins v. Superior Court (2007) 41 Cal.4th 1337, the California court recommended that the Judicial Council of California establish a task force to “study and propose measures to assist trial courts in achieving efficiency and fairness in marital dissolution proceedings and to ensure access to justice for litigants, many of whom are self-represented.”… Read More

Temporary Change to Ventura County Child Custody Recommending Counseling (Mediation)

Under normal circumstances, children ages six (6) and over participate in the child custody recommending (mediation) process.  Given the present circumstances, the Ventura County Superior Court has temporarily suspended the participation of children and has closed the children’s waiting room.  Children no must wait outside the Courthouse and parties must make their own arrangements for any child care.… Read More

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Family Law Bar, Including an Open Letter from Ventura County Superior Court Judge JoAnn Johnson

These are unprecedented times.  Many Americans are at home, not working, anxious about the future.  Deferred compensation accounts and other investments have been battered by a wave of losses in the market.  Real estate values are uncertain.  Liquidity is uncertain.  Unemployment has surged, albeit maybe temporarily. … Read More

Marriage of Mitchell: You don’t get an annulment if you keep acting like you’re married

IRMO Mitchell (2019) Alameda County Super. Ct. No. HF17862586 Wife filed a petition to annul her marriage with Husband.  The basis was that Husband committed acts of fraud.  Essentially, she claims that he only intended on staying with her until he received immigration papers, and that he was actively seeking sexual relationships with other women. … Read More

Appellate Court Affirms $50,000 in Sanctions Against Attorney for Disclosure of Confidential Child Custody Evaluation

IRMO ANKA  (Citation Pending) 2d Civil No. B281760 Our office at one point had the displeasure of being involved in this very dispute. Lisa Helfend Meyer objected to and appealed the trial court’s issuance of $50,000 in sanctions against the attorney personally, also extending the liability to her client. … Read More

Announcement: Gina S. Berry joins the Norris Legal Group, APC

We are proud to announce that Gina S. Berry has joined the Norris Legal Group, APC.  Gina has more than twenty years of legal experience and has a reputation of zealously advocating for her clients in Ventura County. Her practice is primarily focused on family law proceedings, including divorce, custody, adoptions, guardianships, and restraining orders.… Read More