Divorce in California (The Basics)

What grounds are there for divorce? There are two grounds for divorce in California: 1) irreconcilable differences and 2) incurable insanity. California is a no-fault state—meaning that judges don’t care who cheated on who or why you are splitting up. They just need to know that one of the spouses thinks the marriage is totally broken and can’t be fixed.… Read More

What Relationships Should the Law Recognize? (Reality T.V. meets legal reality)

As much as we collectively love to hate reality television, reality T.V. seems to identify hot issues and take our cultural pulse. The Real World tackled race, sexual orientation, health issues, and September 11. Hoarders on A&E attempts to tackle a mental illness that was not discussed in America, let alone pop culture.… Read More

Post-Judgment Discovery and Modifications (How to see how much $$ your Ex earns)

You may be receiving child support and you don’t think it’s enough.  You may be paying spousal support but think your ex is actually making more now than at the time of the divorce.  Before filing a motion to modify support, wouldn’t it be great to know how much money they are making—so you don’t waste your time or money? … Read More