Loss of Use: why every car is always your daily driver, you never sign a long term storage unit contract, and you fix your boat in spring

When someone damages your property you can always sue for replacement or repair. That’s pretty straight forward. What about the fact that you’re without your property? Loss of use damages are damages attributable to the inability to use property, premises, or articles due to someone else’s negligence or tortious conduct.… Read More

Let your neighbor ride that horse across your backyard, but watch out for those mounted police

No trespassing signs. Barbed wire. Concrete blocks. Landowners everywhere are concerned about premises liability. I frequently drive by an empty lot in Camarillo, CA that dirt bike riders use to romp around in and the inner lawyer thinks about putting up a post with a business card holder on the edge of the lot.… Read More

Texas is so conservative they adopted a law just like California

Texans are upset about lawsuits hindering business and increasing costs. This is the latest chapter in the book of Regional Trial Lawyers Association versus Regional Conservative Business Group for Tort Reform. I understand both sides of the fight. Anyone can slap on a neck brace, pour a bottle of water on a few steps, call an ambulance, file suit, and settle.… Read More