Don’t Be Gullible (please!)

Much of the time that attorneys and law students read cases, they focus on gleaning the law. Sometimes the facts are so absurd—they stand on their own. When I first read this case 1) I couldn’t believe “Dr. Stevens” was so brazen; 2) I couldn’t believe the victim was so gullible; 3) I couldn’t believe there were previous victims; 4) I couldn’t believe there were subsequent victims of this same scheme; 5) I couldn’t believe this wasn’t rape (at the time).… Read More

Loss of Use: why every car is always your daily driver, you never sign a long term storage unit contract, and you fix your boat in spring

When someone damages your property you can always sue for replacement or repair. That’s pretty straight forward. What about the fact that you’re without your property? Loss of use damages are damages attributable to the inability to use property, premises, or articles due to someone else’s negligence or tortious conduct.… Read More