Fatty liver, discrete trial training, salvaged cars, and tattoos (New state laws starting July 1, 2012)

California state laws always start in January or July.  This year’s laws going into effect the other day on July 1 are a strange mix.  If you ever wondered what your state assemblymen were talking about in the green carpeted hall (that really is some ugly carpeting) in Sacramento—its foie gras, autism, tattoos, and bullying. … Read More

The Tax Ramifications of Divorce (buy a car in december, get divorced in january)

During the tumultuous end of a marriage, spouses seek counsel from therapists, friends, family, and ministers. Few spouses think of asking their CPA about their divorce. Divorce has several tax consequences. I recently spoke with a man who received a $40,000 tax bill following his divorce (ouch) at the same time he started paying spousal and child support.… Read More